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عزيزي الزائر / عزيزتي الزائرة يرجي التكرم بتسجبل الدخول اذا كنت عضو معنا
او التسجيل ان لم تكن عضو وترغب في الانضمام الي اسرة المنتدي
سنتشرف بتسجيلك
ادارة المنتدي

رؤية مختلفة لعالم النت , الاختلاف والتميز فى احدث الافلام العربى والاجنبى , افضل الاغانى , اقوى الالعاب , اجدد البرامج , عالم أخر فى اسره منتدى نجوم العرب

    Nero Platinum HD 11.0.15800


    عدد الرسائل : 369
    العمر : 28
    البلد : where u found no1 beside u
    العمل/الترفيه : don't ask casue i don't know
    عدد مرات الشكر : 8
    النشاط : 4741
    تاريخ التسجيل : 13/12/2007

    Nero Platinum HD 11.0.15800

    مُساهمة من طرف MOhi في الأحد أكتوبر 30, 2011 10:58 pm

    Nero Platinum HD 11.0.15800

    Nero Platinum HD v11.0.15800 By Cool Release | 0.98 GB

    Bestin its class, Nero 11 Platinum bridges the multimedia gaps with cloudstorage, Blu-ray playback and mobile device support for syncing iTunesplaylists, photos and videos with Android Smartphones and tablets. Whatyou get is a 360A° HD experience, complete with easy-to-advanced videoediting workflows, plus innovative video file conversion technology forviewing movies on any device, anytime, anywhere.

    One-click wireless sync

    Imagineyour iTunes playlists appearing on your Android device. Or accessingyour videos from your PC right on your Android tablet”all without wires.Seamlessly move photos, music and videos from your PC to Androiddevices with just a click”with Nero Kwik Mobile Sync.

    Convert any video for playback

    Fromvideos on your mobile phone to HD movies on your PC, every file seemsto have a different format. Nero 11 provides advanced video conversiontechnology that formats virtually any video file to any format forplayback on any device so you can seamlessly watch your favorite videosanywhere or any place.

    Rip your favorite movies

    Putall your DVD movies into one Media Library by ripping to your PC.Advanced settings let you rip exactly what you want”strip out unwantedsections, foreign languages, extras and more.

    Browse and search

    Make browsing and searching easy with contextual text tagging and face recognition.

    Play back photo slideshows, music, and videos

    Neverhassle with formatting your photos, music, or videos before enjoyingthem. Watch it, view it, play it”no matter what the format”all from oneplace, including Blu-ray Disc movies with Nero Kwik Media.

    Installation Instructions

    Run Nero_PlatinumHD-11.0.15800.exe

    To Install Nero Platinum HD v11.0.15800

    follow The Onscreen Instructions By The Installer

    A Serial Will Be Pre-Entered Upon Setup, Just Click

    Next (2) Times, Then Install, When Finish Installing,

    Click Finish To Complete,

    Done Enjoy !!! .

    Registration Info (C.R.)

    DTS Plug-In: 1K00-4166-99X9-2A6K-33E1-6M0A-8E0C

    mp3PRO Plug-In: KC00-9039-1983-284A-2A45-6MA6-EKMX



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